PRJ 2022

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        Microsoft Socials
        IBM Think
        Microsoft 365
        Maxon Influencers
        motorola razr

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        IKEA @ Space 10
        Arctic Paper

Objects —

        Material Matter


Co-Founder & Creative Director of someform currently living and working in Berlin.



Born from the fragments of a research work for ADIDAS, these little guys condense all the feelings that trained skilled professionals enjoy when working with high tech prosthetics in a cg environment.

All design and production work done at f°am Studio
Text by Henrik Mauler
Sound by UglyStupidHonest


Life swings like a pendulum backward and forward between pain and boredom.

At first, Schopenhauer seemed to have the upper hand with his spectacularly negative insight, but Wordsworth made me realise that the human condition is an evolutionary emotional process to cooperate, focusing our hearts and minds on struggling together. We seem to draw from a source of inward joy, of sympathetic and imaginative pleasure, which could be shared in by all human beings; which has no connexion with struggle or imperfection, but would be made richer by every improvement in the physical or social condition of mankind.”

K. Karshadian, citing J.S. Mill totally out of context


“In bookkeeping, “balance” is difference between the sum of debit entries and the sum of credit entries entered into an account during a financial period. When total debits exceed total credits, the account indicates a debit balance. The opposite is true when the total credit exceeds total debits, the account indicates a credit balance.

If the debit/credit totals are equal, the balances are considered zeroed out. In an accounting period, "balance" reflects the net value of assets and liabilities. To better understand balance in the accounting equation.“


OJ Simson citing an accounting website


“The King's Father, the Previous King of All Cosmos, also known as Papa, raised the King as a competitor. We see Papa making The King perfect math, music, dancing, and boxing. After The King is knocked over by the punching bag, Papa brings down his stick as punishment.

Papa then enters The King into a junior-league boxing match. As they drive to the boxing match, The King looks out the window of Papa’s car, seeing two boys playing on the street, free to do what they want. “

P. Diddy quoting Katamari Fandom Wiki